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Keep that door locked


It used to be the case that the garage was the place where people kept their car. Nowadays though, with properties getting smaller and people having more belongings, garages are increasingly being used for other storage purposes too. It is not uncommon to find items such as bikes, camping gear, tools and extra fridges and freezers in a domestic garage. Whilst, this may be a good use of space, it also means that these pieces of equipment are high in value and potentially at risk if you garage is not secure.

At Huddersfield Garage Doors we know only too well the importance of adequate security measures to stop anything untoward happening to your things. In order to reduce the risk of theft, we recommend the following simple measures:

Secure the main (vehicle) door

Make sure that this door is closed when the garage is not in use and secured adequately with the appropriate lock for the style of door you have.

Secure the connecting pedestrian door

This is an easy way to either get into your house from the garage. If you have a connecting door, treat this like you would any other external door and keep it locked at all times.

Secure any windows

As you would in your house, it’s important to remember to shut and lock any windows that your garage may have when the space is not being used by anyone.

Secure items within the garage

Larger items like bikes can be locked together to make it more difficult to remove them or locked to wall brackets. Power tools can be kept in lockable steel containers too.

For more information about how to keep your garage door secure or to find out about the different services Huddersfield Garage Doors offer, please give us a ring on 01484 829 612.

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