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Why invest in an insulated door?


In 2019, it’s rather common for the garage space to be used for so much more than a place to park your vehicle. Thousands of homeowners across the UK now opt to convert their garage into a multi-functional space or go even further and transform into additional living space such as an extra bedroom, more kitchen space or a man cave.

Since your garage is protected by your garage door (the largest entry point to your home) it’s rather common for your garage to be one of the coldest rooms in your home. That’s why it is vital that your garage door is well insulated.

Warmer garage

Particularly if your garage is attached to your home, it’s vital that you keep it warm and an insulated garage door is a great contributor to that. A cold garage would mean your heating system is working harder to keep the space a healthy temperature, meaning your energy bill would be a whole lot higher.

Stronger door

Insulated garage doors are made up from steel or aluminium frames which make them a lot stronger and less susceptible to dents or any damage. These extra frames provide a much stronger structure which is why insulated garage doors are a better insulator and act as a stronger barrier to the dangers and elements of the outdoors. 

Less noise

As mentioned previously, the extra layers provide more protection to your garage and one aspect of this protection is from the noise. If you live on a busy road or have annoyingly loud neighbours, a thin uninsulated garage door is probably the reason why you’re hearing so much of it.

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