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When to change your opener


If you’re having to search for reasons that your garage door opener needs replacing, it most likely doesn’t need replacing – you will know when it needs replacing as there will be obvious signs. If you don’t see to these signs as soon as possible, you could be locked out of your garage or potentially injured as the door may close at any time.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that will save you from the nightmare of a broken garage door opener.

Slow moving door

If you notice that your garage door gradually starts to move slower than usual, you need to see to it there and then as the situation could escalate and the door could potentially detach from the opener which could cause serious harm and maybe even fatalities to pets or children if not seen to.

Loud/unusual noises

Older garage doors tend to be a lot noisier compared to modern ones, which may be down to the way they were built (chain drives being especially obnoxious). But if you hear any noises that are out of the ordinary, it’s time to call a professional. Naturally as your garage door gets older, it will find it harder to operate the same garage door, so be sure to take extra care of the older ones as it could harm you one day if you don’t.


One important thing to look out for with your garage door is whether it is vibrating too much or not. An old opener which has rusty and worn out components will vibrate vigorously and if the damage is severe enough, you’ll start to see parts of the door shaking loose which will ultimately end in disaster if not seen to as soon as possible.

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