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Is your garage door off track?


Garage doors are heavy, large objects that can cause a lot of damage Huddersfield homeowners if they come off of their tracks - therefore it is strongly recommended by our garage door team that you regularly carry out maintenance checks on your door.

If you suspect that your Huddersfield garage door has come off its tracks, here’s our step by step guide to what you should do next:

1. If your garage door has come off its tracks then the first thing you need to do is stop using it immediately - they are not safe for use and can be extremely dangerous if they fall off or come crashing to the ground

2. You will need to examine your garage door- if it is a minor problem then it may be that you can sort it out yourselves, but to avoid damage to the door or yourself it is highly recommended that you speak to a professional like the Huddersfield Garage Doors team

3. What should you be looking out for?

a. Check that the track isn’t bent - this can be caused by damage to the garage (like reversing into it without opening it)! If your garage door track is bent you could follow a simple YouTube video to sort the issue out yourself, but please do make sure you carry out all safety procedures first, as one garage wheel out of place can easily lead to more. You may also need the help of some strong friends to sort this out too!

b. If the track isn’t bent and it is broken then you will need to call a professional team out to your home like the Huddersfield Garage Doors team. Our experienced and efficiency members of staff will be able to replace and fix the track quickly and effectively, allowing you to keep your home safe.

c. Another reason as to why a garage door may slip off its track is due to a snapped lift cord- if one snaps then it’s down to the other to do the lifting, hence why your garage door will seem crooked. You will need a professional to replace this.

For more information on how the Huddersfield Garage Doors team could help you with your faulty garage door, please give us a call on 01484 829 612 today.

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