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Types of Doors


Offering the widest variety of insulated sectional doors for commercial and domestic use, Hormann is world leading in the garage and industrial doors industry, with the highest levels of attention to safety, quality and technology.

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience, Huddersfield Garage Doors can assist you, and make sure you get the right size and specifications for your garage in Huddersfield. Completely customisable, you have the options of standard UK sizes, European metric sizes and purpose made sizes in nearly all the various steel and timber designs are available.



Great value, the sectional door offers modern ascetics, highly engineered and is a technically superior product compared to many other doors with its outstanding levels of sealing, insulation and security.


Fully sealed perimeter - with a rubber seals and close fitting to steel framework the large bottom rubber seal will prevent the intrusion of leaves and dust, etc.

Vertical operation – Allows you to park your vehicle right up to the door inside or out and still open and close it.

Excellent security – To accompany the double skinned doors, 5 encapsulated rollers in steel hinges either side of a standard door and a rotary latch locking mechanism with europrofile cylinder locking are strong enough to withstand any physical attack. .

Up and Over:


The most traditionally used type of garage door, their simple one piece panel construction can be found on most UK homes makes them very easy to use and provide both a low-effort and zero hassle operation. 


Cost effective – as a result of the simplistic design and mass manufacturing, the up and over makes for a very budget friendly option.  


Less design options - the knock on effect the simplistic design as is a limitation of the variety of design options available.

Can’t park up against the garage door – unlike the sectional garage door, the motion of the up and over does not allow you to park up against the door.

For more information on these types of doors, contact Huddersfield’s leading garage door company on 01484 829 612.

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