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Transforming your curb appeal


A lot of people don’t think about changing their garage door until they absolutely have to, as it is a costly process and one you have to put a lot of thought in to, but trust us, it’s worth it. You shouldn’t be waiting until your garage door is on its last legs to make the change, as a new garage door can not only completely transform the look of your home, but it can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal – here are three reasons how it can do exactly that.

Create balance

You’ve probably put a lot of thought in to your front door as it speaks to everyone who comes or passes by. But your garage door should receive the same level of attention, if not more as it is a whole lot bigger.

But don’t have them competing against each other, let them compliment each other and establish a harmony between the two.

Enhance with contrast

With most homes, a strong coloured garage door works very, very well. But with others, a less powerful colour such as grey blends in with its surroundings and disappears amongst the exteriors more prominent features whilst still being the number one thing you notice when walking past.

Restore original charm

A home which was built half a century ago will most likely not have all its wonderful features which gave it character – mainly down to multiple ownerships and design changes.

But one way of restoring that character is to invest in a garage door which is similar to that architectural style.

If you’re looking for a new garage door for your home, give one of the professionals a call here at Huddersfield Garage Doors on 01484 829 612 and we will be happy to help.

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