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Top garage security tips


Although many homeowners across the Huddersfield area fit crime protection products to their houses, unfortunately most forget to do the same with their garages.

As outbuildings are just as, if not more prone to burglary, this is a huge concern for us – we genuinely care for the safety of every one of our customers.

Because of the damage that a garage break-in could cause, we’d love for people to take the safety and security of their whole property a little more seriously. To make things easier, below Huddersfield Garage Doors have compiled a list of simple measures that could help safeguard your outbuilding:

Cover windows

Either frosting or covering your garage windows means that thieves can no longer ‘window shop’ through them, and essentially pick out what they wouldn’t mind stealing. There are plenty of ways of doing this – putting up blinds, shades or curtains are all viable ideas, to name just a few.

Buy security cameras

Gone are the days when CCTV security was unobtainable for those with tighter budgets – security cameras can now be purchased for as little as £30. These well-known thief deterrents are extremely useful for preventing crime ever happening in the first place. Quite obviously, burglars are much less likely to go about their business if they’re aware that they’re being watched.

Purchase a garage door replacement

If your old, worn-out garage door is well past its best then the only real option is to replace it. While their lifespans vary, all models need a replacement at some point – the wear and tear that they accrue over the years causes weak spots to develop. Worryingly, seasoned criminals are more than able to locate these damaged areas!

Should you be in need of a new garage door, why not get in touch?

We’ve been supplying homeowners across Huddersfield with the best models on the market for more than two decades. Through our longstanding relationship with Hörmann, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, you can be sure that this commitment to quality and innovation won’t be changing any time soon.

You can speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable and passionate team by calling 01484 829 612.

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