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Why your garage door won’t work


For Huddersfield home and business owners, having a faulty garage door can cause a lot of inconvenience as it can make your property vulnerable to potential thieves. Sometimes these faults can’t be prevented and need professional help to fix- but in other cases it could be something so simple that you can quickly resolve to ensure your property stays secure.

To help you along the way, our experienced garage door team have prepared this list to help all Huddersfield property owners struggling to understand why their garage door might not be working!

Quick Fix

  •        The transmitter batteries are dead in your remote
  •        Give the photo eye a clean to keep it in alignment
  •        There is something wrong with your transmitters – it could be something as simple as you’re out of range
  •        Something is blocking the garage doors path
  •        Your settings need updating
  •        The disconnect switch is enabled
  •        The garage door is manually locked and therefore won’t open

Professional Help

  •        The garage tracks aren’t properly aligned
  •        Your garage springs are broken and need replacing
  •        Tensions springs may be broken
  •        Cables need replacing

In a lot of circumstances, fixing a garage door can be done by the average Huddersfield property owner. But if you do feel like you have a more serious issue with your garage door, or you would just like to speak with an experienced professional like a member of our team for support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

At Huddersfield Garage Doors we pride ourselves on our customer service standard and aim to go above and beyond for all property owners in the region.

If there is any way in which we can help you with your garage door worries please call us on 01484 829 612.

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