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Maintaining wood garage doors


Wooden garage doors are a great investment for any home. Not only do they add kerb appeal to the property, they also provide great protection for belongings stored within the garage. That said, it’s important to look after your wooden garage doors to ensure they stay looking good and function well all year round. We recommend the following:

1. Clean the door on the inside and outside

Giving your garage door a regular clean will not only keep it looking attractive, but will also draw attention to any problems there may be. Whilst cleaning with warm water and detergent make sure to check the weather seal is fully intact and also if there are any areas where varnish or paint has flaked off.

2. Varnish if needs be

If large patches of varnish have peeled off then it is a good idea to apply another coat of varnish to your wooden garage door. This will mean that there will be a consistent overall look to the door as well as that the whole door will continue to be protected against the elements.

3. Check opening mechanisms are oiled

It’s also important that the opening mechanisms are checked. Visually you should look out for any dirt or debris which may affect opening and closing movements. Also make sure that parts such as the tracks and runners are sufficiently oiled and lubricate them if necessary to ensure smooth movements.

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