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Timber door maintenance tips


A timber garage door is one of the most popular and best-looking garage doors out there, and it is obvious to see why. But one common problem we see is that once customers purchase their wooden garage door, they struggle to maintain it and keep it in the best condition for as long as possible.

Here at Huddersfield Garage Doors, we aren’t just here to provide you with a top-quality garage door, we are here to help with any of your garage door needs. So, to help you out, here are a few tips for maintaining a timber garage door.

Wood rot

The most common problem for any timber garage door is wood rot - this is when the wood starts to go black and eventually disintegrates due to moisture. The necessary treatment for wood rot is to quickly sand down the affected area to remove dead wood, but if the damage is extensive, you may have to use a wood chisel and remove the damaged area and replace it with epoxy putty.


To keep your garage door running smoothly, we recommend that you lubricate any moving parts regularly. Find some WD-40 or oil and apply a small amount to each part, if you apply too much, it attracts dirt and stops your garage door from functioning properly.


The cause to majority of garage door problems is that the owners aren’t proactive, they wait until something breaks before they pay any attention to their garage door – that is when major problems start to occur.

You should have your garage door serviced at least once a year, and if you hear or see anything inordinate, give one of the team a call here, we are also garage door repair specialists.

Huddersfield Garage Doors have been supplying high-quality garage doors to the local area for over 30 years. If you’d like more information about how to choose the best material for your garage door, call us now on 01484 829 612.

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