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Think before buying


The world may well be susceptible to ‘impulse buying’, but today we’re outlining exactly why you shouldn’t rush going out and purchasing a new garage door.

Quite simply there are several aspects to think about before doing so – notably its appearance, quality and safety. Ensuring that all of these three things meet your personal requirements is absolutely crucial in picking out a model that will last for many years to come.

To guarantee that all of the above are considered when weighing up your decision on a replacement, Huddersfield Garage Doors have listed three important questions to ask yourself:

Does it suit my home?

The appearance of your garage door is surprisingly important for boosting your ‘curb appeal’ – you’d probably be shocked at how it can transform the exterior of your property. When it comes to choosing certain colours, types and operations, we recommend going for the one that simply makes the most sense. If you have a traditional home, for instance, then it probably wouldn’t be best to purchase a glamorous and contemporary white door.

Is it of a good quality?

Just because the doors appearance should be taken into account doesn’t mean that its quality should not. No one wants to buy a new model every five or so years due to their existing one faltering. To avoid this dreaded issue we advise you not to cut any corners – Hörmann’s range of units are known to be the best on the market, and have been for some time.

How does it protect my garages contents?

It’s no secret that most Huddersfield homeowners keep expensive items locked away in their garage. Seasoned criminals are unfortunately aware of this too, and often target outbuildings in the hope of gaining access to these. With this in mind, acclimatising yourself with known security features would be a good idea.

Should you be based in the Huddersfield area and want any more advice or to discuss your personal requirements, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01484 829 612.

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