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Finding the right garage door


Whether you are renovating your home, refurbishing your homes exterior or flat out buying a new home; the garage doors can be the focus of much concern. A lot of key focus can be centred around garage doors because they are such a prominent feature at the front of your home. Therefore, finding the right garage door is crucial.

The garage door industry has been completely revolutionised. Both domestic and commercial garage doors can be completely customisable. They can be manufactured to all kinds of various specifics and personal preference. A combination of; a range of base material, opening mechanisms, colours, and made to measure sizes. The style and possibilities are endless.

Pricing is also a huge consideration, you can be cheap and cheerful with a stylish but simple design. Or, you can opt for a grand and extravagant garage door that is a bit more costly. It all depends on personal taste and what type of home you have.

With that being said, the return of investment or garage doors is often underestimated. The right garage door can have huge benefits when it comes to reselling your property. Garage doors can be looked at just as fondly to house surveyors are other interior home improvements.

There are many considerations that should go into finding the right garage door.

Firstly, assess how desperate you are for a new garage door. Why are you looking for a new garage door in the first place and this will help you decide what to do next.
Is It broken? Perhaps the outright function isn’t working and the garage can’t, or is difficult to open. If this is the case, then a simple fix could be necessary instead of buying a new one.
Is it looking worn? Maybe the opening mechanism is still working but the aesthetics are looking old. You garage door may be showing signs of weather damage or is rusty. If it is simply an aesthetic issue you wish to mend, then a lick of paint could be a better and more realistic option.
Is your garage door damaged beyond repair? Likewise, if you are renovating or buying a new homes, then an outright new garage door could be the best and most viable option.

If your deciding on buying a new garage door completely then there are some things to consider.

The material

Garage doors can be manufactured using a variety of woods, aluminium, steel, PVC and fibreglass. Each have their pros and cons. For example, steel is stronger and offers better security and protection than aluminium. Aluminium will offer better resistance to weather the wood. Wood will need to be replenished, serviced and more TLC than PVC. Each are a valuable choice of material it all depends on what will best suit your house; are you after a modern or vintage look. How much you’re willing to spend and how much time you can spend looking after them.

The opening mechanism

Opening mechanism can vary to suit different purposes. They can be a simple up and over function, they can be an electric roller door or they can be hinged and open outwards. The up and over is usually best for simplicity, there are no hidden tricks with this type, just a good old fashioned pull the door upwards. Roller doors are a popular choice nowadays as technology has allowed people to take the heavy lifting out of it and use a remote control. Hinged garage doors suit a grander home. you often see big wood finished, hinged garage doors at the front of big houses with a big driveway.


A garage door can be customised in nearly every way possible. Any colour, and pattern, any tailored size, even add a window.

Finding the right garage door can be as simple of as extravagant as you like. Every aspect of a garage door can be altered to your specific preferences.

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