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The progress of garage doors


Garage doors, just like the majority of other items, keep changing over the years. The developments are always welcome as they tend to make our lives easier. In fact, it is often through these developments that we not only get to see improvements in both the design and functionality, but also, and maybe most importantly, security features.

In this short guide, we will explore more about the development of garage doors throughout the years.

Ongoing price development of garage doors

Throughout the years the prices of garage doors may have increased because of their benefits and features, but it’s important to remember that the newer models add a considerable amount of value on to your property, much more than their cost.

A ‘standard’ up and over door might cost you in the region of £500, but if you are replacing older, damaged and unsecured garage doors with well developed, safe and new up and over garage doors, you may add double that to the value of your property, which makes it a sound investment.

Over time, the development of new technology in the market has actually lowered the price of ‘simple’ but secure garage doors, which is a huge benefit to those who want to buy a replacement.

The development in the different types of garage doors

Basically, garage doors now come in several types; up and over, sectional, roller and timber are all available on Garage Doors Huddersfield, but also side hinged, access doors and front doors as well.

The design that you decide to install in your garage should be determined by your budget, your house design, and how you intend to use it. For instance, if you were thinking about an up and over garage door you would have to consider, among many other things, the overhead space.

The development in the different types of garage doors over the years has been outstanding. The reality is that the technology is constantly moving forward and as this is the case, simple, run of the mill garage doors are getting more secure and less expensive. Furthermore, the development of newer styles of garage door are allowing garage owners to utilise more space, save time and secure their belongings more than they ever have been able to in the past.

Choosing your style

Just to reiterate, it is important to pick a garage door that suits the style of your house. Fortunately, most styles nowadays, be it traditional or contemporary feature panels trim and other specifications that will help you in picking the correct door for your garage.

Even just a few decades ago, garage doors were monotonous and dull. Now, as well as different technological advances, there are a number of styles to suit both traditional and contemporary home design.

If the next couple of decades have been anything like the last, the evolution of the garage door has the potential to go above and beyond what we could have ever of imagined.

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