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Surprise for homeowner


A woman got a big surprise when she asked her husband to paint their garage door but in 1984.

At Huddersfield Garage Doors we know that painting your garage door can be a bit of a chore however many homeowners do this each year.

The lady asked her husband to paint the door after the old one had become worn and looked in the state of poor quality. What she wanted was a door to be painted in white however what she got was a message to inform her of her parking capabilities. Her husband had in fact painted the garage door with a picture of a policeman to remind her to park the car correctly every time she puts the car in the garage.

Now this is not the first time painting garage doors has been used as a canvas for great artwork. Famous pictures include an old aeroplane, an elephant and even a crocodile painted onto the door to give the impression that is what looks inside and often to cause a talking point.

If however this is not up your street and you acquire a new garage door in Huddersfield please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. We have amazing options for over 200 colours on our up and over, sectional and roller shutter doors and should you wish to have a front door matching your garage door we can do an exact colour match too.

We also carry out full extensive repairs and can help in situations where your garage door may need replacing quickly.

More information at any of our services please not hesitate to contact one of our team in Huddersfield today by calling 01484 829 612.

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