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Summer garage maintenance


Just like other parts of your property, your garage door needs to be properly maintained in order to function properly. This summer, it is worth putting some time aside to check all the parts are working correctly. We recommend carrying out for the following steps to help maintain your garage door:

1. Check it opens and closes

The most obvious thing to do when carrying out regular maintenance is to check that the garage door opens and closes smoothly. When doing this listen out for any unusual noises as these may be a sign that something is out of place or it needs lubricating.

2. Visually check all of the parts

It’s also important to inspect each of the different components of the door to check that they are not suffering from wear and tear or have become loose. Look out for bolts, hinges, tracks and seals.

3. Wash the door

The exterior of your door also needs to be taken care of. Removing dirt will enhance the appearance of the door and make it easier to inspect. It’s best to use warm water and a mild household detergent to clean the door.

4. Check the exterior for any damage

Here, you are looking out for issues such as rust and peeling or scratched paint which may me present and need to be dealt with.

5. Remove rust if necessary

If the visual check of the outside of the door reveals rust it is important to address this to prevent further damage occurring. This can be done by sanding, or with the help of an expert if you’re not sure how to remove it properly yourself.

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