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Smart Garage Doors


At Huddersfield Garage Doors, we are often asked by clients and prospective customers if they can check the garage door is closed when they're not home.

In years gone past this would nearly always mean a trip back to the home to check it, however new technology can now tell you if your door is locked or unlocked when you are away from the building.

A recent blog by Simon Cohen talks about the use of smarter garage doors. It even goes as far as saying people no longer open and close the garage door in the old fashion way but instead use a remote controller at all times

We all know that you have a door doubt moment when you may think did I lock the door or did I close it properly.  It is not just the door you get it with – other cases including did I close the fridge turn off the oven or switch off the lights.

As leading garage door providers in Huddersfield we are always looking at ways to improve our customer quality care.  This interesting invention by the use of a remote control can quickly tell you if your door is open or closed by the colour of the LED light displays.  It works only to an apple app or an android app for mobile phones and you have your own account to ensure there is some security.

The security of this however has caused concerns with some people as a question whether if someone get hold of your phone can I easily get access to your belongings inside your garage by the touch of just a simple button.

Yet it appears this security problem would be solved and there will be a high security on the phone to a lock the screen or signing in device it may also feature of voice recognition.

However let's not focus on the negative s but rather the positives.  You can set it to send you a reminder 30 minutes after you leave home to tell you if it is if the garage door is still open or closed open it will automatically close at the touch of a button

There are more great features of this app for garage doors and we will look at ways in which they can be used in any of our future projects.  Electronic operation good guys does is not a new thing but they always ways to enhance it goes does if you require a new garage door operation please do not hesitate to contact us today by calling 01484 829 612.

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