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Side-hinged garage doors


Though our range of up and over and sectional models prove particularly popular among Huddersfield homeowners, side hinged garage doors are also a smart choice.

While they are sometimes viewed as a more traditional, old school option, the demand for these has risen over recent years – perhaps because of the trend for people to buy ‘vintage’ items.

Today the Huddersfield Garage Doors team are outlining exactly why else you should consider replacing your existing garage door with a side hinged one:

No hard work involved

After a hard day of work you probably don’t want to be slugging open a heavy garage door. Despite a growth in the number of models with electric operation, this is still a reality for a lot of up and over owners. Side hinged units, on the other hand, result in minimal strain on your body.

Stunning appearance

We consider security to be the most important aspect of any garage door. Saying that, appearance does help massively – it improves your ‘curb appeal’ and can even boost your property’s value. Our side hinged units are extremely versatile, and can be ordered in different finishes, colours and materials to seamlessly fit in with the current exterior of your home.

Not disruptive

It’s all in the name – as side hinged doors have hinges rather than a complicated mechanism, they tend to far quieter. This doesn’t just prove useful if you have neighbours with particularly good hearing, but is also handy if you are keen not to disturb anyone in your own house too.

With these above benefits in mind, why not get in touch with a member of the Huddersfield Garage Doors team to discuss your side hinged garage door requirements?

Through our relationship with Hörmann, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, we only provide the highest quality units on the market.

For any more information on this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01484 829 612.

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