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Sectional Doors vs Roller Doors


It’s a known fact in the garage door industry that roller garage doors are King here in the UK. It is no surprise, they are neat, compact and look exceptional – but sectional garage doors are creeping up behind them, and it’s time Huddersfield customers took notice.

So what are the differences between sectional and roller garage doors?

Sectional Garage Door:

  • These garage doors come in almost any colour paint finish imaginable and also include metallic and woodgrain finishes
  • They require space inside the garage for the horizontal trucks
  • They boast many door designs
  • They come in single or double skin galvanized steel panels making them very secure
  • Other materials include aluminum, GRP and timber
  • The size of sectional garage doors can be up to 8 metres wide and 5 metres high
  • Are available as either manual or automatic doors
  • Sectional garage doors are secure by nature and can even have windows fitted
  • They are extremely insulated and weather proof

Roller Garage Door:

  • They can be fitted to nearly every shape of garage
  • They only come in one design – horizontal lines
  • Roller garage doors in comparison to sectional garages doors have a more limited range of colour finishes available, but they do have a good range of laminate finishes including golden oak
  • They are made from aluminum
  • Roller garage doors have a maximum width of around 5.2 metres and 3 metres high
  • They are extremely secure and are common on commercial properties in the Huddersfield region
  • It’s less likely you’ll be able to get a good sized window on a roller garage door
  • Good insulation and weather proof

If you would like to know more about our roller garage doors and sectional garage doors, call our Hudersfield team on 01484 829 612 for more information. 

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