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Re-use the garage door


Huddersfield Garage Doors has recently learnt of ways in which your old garage door once removed from your garage can be re-used in your home, as either a desk, a wall divider or some creative Art.

In the modern era, everyone is talking about ways in which you can re-use and recycle thing and it appears the garage door is the next thing to be given this treatment. Interior designers across the globe have been incorporating old garage doors in their new designs adding quality and interest to somewhat dull and uninspiring rooms.   

It is has been stated that many old garage doors are being re-used as desks, as well as features in the garden and much more and at Huddersfield Garage Doors we believe this is quote a good use for any old garage door, as long as it is in good enough condition.  

An expert on this field of re-using garage doors for other applications said: “Many homeowners are opening their homes to the great outdoors by using garage doors instead of sliding glass doors. Garage doors make such a statement when incorporated into home designs. There’s instant intrigue and excitement when guests see them. “The doors are practical in function and offer the ‘wow factor’ that homeowners want.”

Is this however going a bit too far? Some people say that in the modern era, it is technology that causes people to stand up and take notice, rather than traditional or old style artwork. What do you think?

We however will stick to doing what we do best which is installing new and repairing damaged garage doors in Huddersfield. For more information or to speak to us about any of your needs or worries, call today on 01484 829 612!

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