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Protect your garage


Huddersfield isn’t known for its high crime rates, but that doesn’t mean that unfortunate incidents can’t occur.

Some criminals, for example, have been known to target garages in the hope of gaining easy access to expensive personal possessions. This is regrettably made easier for thieves by many homeowners – not everyone is keen to actively find ways to protect their outbuildings.

In truth, there are numerous simple and cost-effective ways of ensuring that your garage isn’t at risk. We’ve detailed three of them below:

1.Don’t leave the remote in your vehicle

While technology seemingly has an unlimited amount of advantages, it does have a few downsides too. With the rise of electronically operated garage doors, many Huddersfield residents opt to leave their remotes in the car. If parked in front of their outbuilding, this essentially functions as an open invite to potential burglars.

2.Avoid leaving the door open

If we told you that most garage thefts occurred as a result of people not properly shutting their doors, would you be surprised? You shouldn’t be, because it’s actually true! To fully avoid this we recommend that, unless you’re inside the outbuilding, your door is firmly closed at all times.

3.Lock up

Should your garage be joined on to your property then it really is best to have a lock on the door that separates the two. Think about the possible repercussions of not doing so – if someone gained access to your outbuilding then they’d also have immediate entry to your whole property.

Though all of the above tips should prove valuable, it must be remembered that they’re rendered useless unless you have a strong, durable and secure door to protect your garage with.

Having supplied top of the range Hörmann models to homeowners throughout the Huddersfield area for over three decades, this is something that all of our staff are fully well aware of.

To find out what we can offer your property, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01484 829 612.

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