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New Hormann Products


Being Huddersfield’s main Hormann dealer, we can attest to the quality of their garage door products. We also like to provide our customers with all the recent news and developments in the company – that’s why we want to fill you in on their latest reshuffling of pricing and product structure.

Hormann recently announced several new items, adding to their already large range here in the UK. The German-based, family-run company now hold a dominant market presence across the globe.

We’ve listed a selection of their new products below:

Insulated side hinged doors

A new range of double skinned insulated side hinged doors has been produced. These use the LPU40 panel technology, and are available in a variety of ribbed styles and finishes, made in specific sizes. Hormann have made the installation process much simpler by including aluminium fixing sub frame. The prices have also been reduced for this garage door.

LED lighting strips

These new LED lighting strips provide additional security and lighting to your home. The strips are intended to aid soffit installation over doors, and they use the exact same controlling system as their electric operator.

BiSecur accessory

You can now control your garage door with your iPad and iPhone! This accessory also functions with other smartphones/tablets – all you have to do is add a BiSecur LAN/WLAN accessory to your garage door. Easy.

Pedestrian doors

Hormann’s pedestrian door range has been modified with a new KSI thermo door, which is now available. This offers RC2 rated security as standard, and features a simple flush finish available in a range of colours.

Additionally, Hormann has added a MZ thermo door to their collection. This features a double skinned door leaf, which provides better insulation qualities. Their design allows them to be best utilised as a side door to any garage, mainly where the owner is looking for good insulation qualities.

Other changes

Hormann has also made minor changes to their hand transmitters, which includes changing some of the finishes to a textured effect rather than the previous high gloss.

As Huddersfield’s main Hormann dealer, all of the products listed above are available to homeowners and builders right now with us. If you need any advice or information on pricing, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert team today on 01484 829 612.

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