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Mending Your Garage Door


Garage doors require a lot of maintenance and repairing and can become very expensive. That’s why a lot of home-owners tend to try and mend their garage door themselves. This is fine, but it’s important to do this properly and safely. There are a few things to consider when fixing your garage door.


The first step to take is to analyse your garage and see where the problem is coming from. If you have an automatic opener, test this by placing wood beneath the door or waving a stick under the door to see if it reverses. If it does, of course it works. If not, it will need replacing or repairing. Check bolts, screws and hinges and see if any may be loose. If your garage door makes a noise when opening and closing, it could just mean that it needs oiling rather than repairing. If this isn’t the case then work out what it is that you need to replace.


Once you find out what the part is that you need to replace, you need to take down as much detail about the specific part as you can. What it looks like, if it has any markings, it may be beneficial to also take a picture. Getting the wrong part would be frustrating and hard work for you. The same goes for the tools that you use. Using the right tools will make the process a lot easier and safer for you.

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