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Man drives through door


It is with sadness that we report the news that an elderly gentleman crashed his BMW through a garage door, and the garage, in Pontefract last week.

Thankfully, the man and his female passenger, another elderly woman, escaped from serious injury from the crash which has completely ruined their garage doors and their garage.

According to newspaper reports of the incident, the man thought he was hitting the brake however instead put his foot fast down on the accelerator. This caused the car the jump forward and straight into the closed garage door. The man was unable to stop the car so through the garage it went before eventually ploughing out of the rear of the garage and coming to a halt half way through the garden of his property.

The man and his partner had just come home for the evening and he had planned to park up before getting out of his car to open the garage when he hit the wrong pedal.

Everyone at Huddersfield Garage Doors would like to send out best wishes for a quick recovery from the shock and any minor injuries the pair may have received in the incident.

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