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Keep your doors from freezing


With the recent bad weather we have been having, many households have been struggling with the cold weather. One of the many unwanted side effects of snow and ice can be garage doors freezing shut. Luckily there are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening to your garage:

1. Salt

Salt lowers the freezing point of water so pouring some along the line where your garage door comes into contact with the ground can help to stop moisture freezing and your door becoming stuck. Of course, salt can’t combat large amount of snowfall, as was the case last week. In this situation, remove the build-up as soon as possible with a shovel.

2. Lubricant

Spraying the tracks within the garage door can also help prevent doors from freezing. Products such as silicone spray will help to lower the freezing point of water, decreasing the likelihood of the door’s mechanisms ceasing up.

3. Seals

In order to be fully protected against cold temperatures, it’s important that your garage door’s weather seal is in good working order. Carry out a visual inspection to ensure there are no cracks in the plastic, or worse still any sections missing. If there are, make it a priority to replace the seal, as gaps mean that moisture will be able to get in and freeze, resulting in the door being difficult or impossible to open.

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