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Is this the best painting ever?


For some people purchasing a sports car is just a pipedream, from other such as Chris Evans, it is an obsession.

Whilst many of us can only dream about having a car that can do 0-60mph in less than four seconds, there are some people that are tricking their neighbours by making it appeal they are rick enough to have that luxury.

Garage Door art is a rising phenomena across the world, with people in Huddersfield also taking part. One of the most famous ones features a Ferrari 250 GTO which has been painted on a garage door in Hampshire.  This homeowner wanted to trick his friends, neighbours and any passersby that he had the luxury car, which is worth over £20 million.

Yet there are many other variations, with a new craze being people painting things that would never be able to fit in a garage to look like they can. One of the very best illusions is that of an old fighter just appearing to be in the garage (much like it would sit in an aircraft hanger).

The reason why people do this is often born out from the fact that they considered their old garage door boring. This is certainly a great way to liven them up a bit, but companies like Hörmann are finding ingenious ways of making traditional looking garage doors more unique and personalised. Some feature glass panels and sections, others have a range of different colours and other just use the very best timber to make it look like it has aged over the years.

This has given people the choice to have amazing garage doors, without having to be an astounding artist. It also means that garage doors can complement existing home feature much easier.

If you live in Huddersfield and would like to have a garage door that reflects your personal beliefs or styles, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01484 829 612.

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