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Prepare your garage for winter


With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your home for the colder months. Now that garages are used for more than storing your car, but more for equipment storage or alternative uses such as an office or gym, it is vital you make it ready for the freezing temperatures and potential snowstorms. Here at Huddersfield Garage Doors, we have come up with a few ways which could help you with your preparation.

Wall storage

To ensure easy access to all your winter sports equipment such as skis or ice-skating boots, be sure to racks on the walls. Not only will it be easier to access, but it will keep the equipment in better condition as well as being a whole lot safer – it will prevent you from tripping over them which would damage both you and the equipment.

Keep warm

If you will be using your garage space consistently over the winter months, we highly recommend that you install a heater as well as adding weather striping between the doors and door jambs. Most importantly, insulate the space – not only will it keep your space toasty, but it will save you money as it stops the cold coming in, as well as keeping the warm air in.

Garage door maintenance

Arguably the most important aspect of preparation, your garage door needs to be in the best condition in winter. If it’s in poor condition, cold air will enter the garage and seep in to your home if your garage is attached, as well as being vulnerable during snowstorms – the garage door could come off its hinges. Here is how you can prepare your garage door:

  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Make sure the tracks are clear; (If during winter there is snow or ice on the tracks, remove it)
  • Inspect and if needed, replace the rollers
  • Tighten up the hardware

We provide top of the range garage doors here at Huddersfield Garage Doors, so if you’re looking for a brand new one to help protect your garage this winter, give one of our friendly team a call on 01484 829 612.

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