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Organise your garage in five steps


Here at Huddersfield Garage Doors, we understand that most garages become cluttered over time with an assortment of items that just won’t fit anywhere else in the home. If your garage is more clutter than storage, though, follow these five basic rules to end the stress of too much mess.

  1. Assemble your equipment. You will need strong rubbish bags, a vacuum cleaner or sweeping brush, a box to keep small items safe while you sort.
  2. Clean the floor, and make room for pulling out and sorting through your garage collection. It is best if you can pull everything outside, but if not, you can sort through one area at a time. As you clean, throw away anything that is obviously not wanted, to make more room for sorting the rest.
  3. Make a place for items to throw away, and items to donate to charity, and sort the rest into categories, such as car maintenance, sports equipment, gardening tools, etc, keeping each category together as much as possible. When you have an idea of how much is in each category, you will be able to plan zones in your garage, to store items of each category together in one place.
  4. Plan your storage solutions. Cheap, simple storage, like shelving, works best, as it is likely to be more flexible than fancier expensive methods. Your storage will need to accommodate items of varying sizes, so flexibility is crucial to avoid mess. Plan to store dangerous items safely, and expensive items securely.
  5. Regularly check your garage is staying tidy and sorted. A weekly check that everything is in the correct zone will pay off when you are looking for something in a hurry.

We hope this five-point garage organisation strategy will help you organise and enjoy your garage, and get the most out of this valuable storage facility. For more useful advice about garage maintenance, consult our garage experts here at Huddersfield Garage Doors - give us a call on 01484 829 612 or contact us online.

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