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How to make quick repairs


Inevitably, just like all items your garage door is bound to break down or require maintenance at one point or another.

It may seem like a nightmare, but many garage door problems can be easily fixed by you, which means you do not need to call a technician. However, with that being said, it’s important you are aware of the difference between a minor issue and something that does require professional assistance, as going in alone could cause you more issues.

Here, we will explore a few maintenance tips and quick garage door fixes you can do on your own.

Do you have a noisy garage door?

A noisy garage door can be very annoying, but many people just get used to it over time. To prevent your garage door from making this annoying noise, be sure to lubricate all the hinges when they need it.

The noise may be because of loose nuts and hinges, which means you need to tighten them to avoid them from falling out.

In any instance, don’t ignore a noisy garage door as just a small amount of maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Replacing broken glass

This is one problem that you will not be able to avoid. Regardless of the cause of your garage door glass brakeage. In any case, it’s imperative you replace the pane as soon as possible.

Failure to replace will render your garage vulnerable to break ins and pest issues. Fixing glass should not be that difficult. First, you will need to remove all broken pieces using a putty knife. Then, get the correct measurements. You can then purchase the glass together with binding material before prepping the area.

Once you have applied the putty material on the glass, be careful with it until it dries, it should take about a week. In order to do the repair, you will require a pair of heavy gloves, putty knife, replacement glass, glazing compound and goggles or safety glasses for eye protection.

Fixing remote problems

Issues with your garage door opener must be fixed quickly. If the device stops working, follow these troubleshooting pointers before seeking professional help:

Confirm if the power source is still functional or has been disrupted - You can use a tester to ascertain where the power is not reaching. Confirm the circuit breakers, the fuse and/or the GFCI and make sure that they truly are operational.

Be sure to check the antenna on the motor unit is aligned properly – It’s also important that you check the battery, and that you are using the remote in a reasonable range. It may sound simple, but the number of people who have sought professional help because of poor batteries is astounding!

Replacing a Garage door

Unfortunately, there will come a time when you need to replace your garage door, and the likelihood is you won’t be able to do this alone. If you reach a point where you feel that you need a new garage door, make sure you seek professional help from Garage Doors Huddersfield by calling 01484 829 612.

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