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How to look after your garage door


Garage doors are an essential for most Yorkshire homes, with a lot of them contributing massively to the curb appeal of a house. Therefore, at Huddersfield Garage Doors we always advise our customers to maintain their doors regularly to ensure that they a) always work and b) look good.

So what garage door maintenance tips should you carry out? It’s going to take a little work around each month – but trust us when we say you’ll not regret it.

Up and over garage doors in Huddersfield

To ensure that your up and over garage door opens correctly it is important to lubricate the spring mechanisms at least ten times a year to make sure that it all runs smoothly and no damage is caused. To do this, you need to apply oil or garage maintenance spray to the runners/tracks, which will lubricate the rollers – it’s all very simple (you just need to remember to do it!)

Electronic garage doors in Huddersfield

Luckily, if you’re an electronic garage door owner in Huddersfield, maintenance is relatively low. All you’ll need to do is apply a damp cloth to the door slides to ensure it all stays as good as new. Again, just remember to do it and try to keep a look out to make sure that the door is operating correctly on a regular basis – noticing early if anything is wrong with the mechanisms of your garage could save you money in the long run.

At Huddersfield Garage Doors, our experienced staff understand the pros and cons of maintaining your garage door. Therefore, if you do want any further advice or if your garage door has broken and you need a reliable team to help fix it, please feel free to give us a call on 01484 829 612.

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