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Winter garage door problems


During the winter months, damp and cold conditions put a strain on the lifespan of some of our household appliances, not least our garage doors. Everyone knows that water and metal in close contact often results in rust, which leads to failure.

Here are some tips to weatherproof your door for the coming months:

  • Lubricate the garage door pulleys and / or bearings.
  • Spray a [silicone based] solvent onto the rollers, hinges, roller tracks, hinges, bearings and latches.
  • Clean the moving parts of the door. If the hinges or rollers have seized, soak them in a solvent and clean with a wire brush, ensuring to remove excess dirt with a cloth.
  • Ensure that if you have an electric door opener the photo eyes of the door are clean and aligned.

If you think your garage door problem is a simple one, there are some troubleshooting solutions that you can follow to try and fix your garage door. However, it is advised that if you experience any serious malfunctions or problems with your garage door/s that you seek professional assistance to prevent injury to yourself and others.

  • If your door is sticking and won’t open fully, close your garage door and disconnect the remote device (if it is controlled by one). Try to open the door by hand, and when the door seizes/reaches a sticky spot, make a note of where it is and check it for a build-up of ice or grease.
  • If your door is motorised and opens easily by hand, you may need to adjust the power settings on the door to use more force.
  • If your garage door is too heavy to lift manually and is broken, you may have a broken spring. DO NOT attempt to fix this problem manually as it can be dangerous. Instead, it is advised to consult a professional.

With a three-decade-long history of fitting and repairing quality garage doors in Huddersfield, and a 20-year partnership with the industry-leading garage door manufacturer Hörmann, we guarantee to provide a service customers will be 100% satisfied with.

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