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How can you convert your garage


Have you ever wanted to make more use of your garage but not been quite sure what you could do with it? You’re not alone, many of our customers in Huddersfield want to customise their space but are not certain how to go about it. So here are some of the most effective elements of garage conversions we have seen over the years to give you some ideas…

Optimum office space

Garages can be an ideal place for a home office, keeping clutter and work from spilling over into the communal areas of the home. If possible position the desk near a window to make use of natural light and to create a bright and airy atmosphere. If your garage does not have any windows, consider having some fitted or investing in a desk lamp and floor lamp.

Calming chill out room

As a separate area to the main home, a garage conversion offers the perfect place for rest and relaxation. Choose colours which are soothing and peaceful and take time to think about furnishings and decorative items. People often display some of their favourite photos and pictures to create a personalised sanctuary to escape too. 

Simple spare bedroom

For many, a garage conversion can also double up as a spare room, even if this isn’t its primary purpose. For example, if the main use is as a chill out room, having a sofa-bed is a simple way of transforming it into a guest room for the night.  A table lamp can double up as a bedside lamp too, helping to utilise the existing features of the space.

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