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Hörmann’s automatic doors


As we have wrote about before up and over garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners here in Huddersfield. The construction of their one piece panel makes them easy to use, along with generally providing good security.

In particular we are big fans of Hörmann’s range, having had a strong business relationship with them over a number of years.

People looking for a strong, secure and convenient garage door should really look no further than Hörmann’s automatic up and over door. These function every bit as easily as a TV – with the simple press of a button you can drive straight into your garage.

This doesn’t just make your day-to-day life easier – it’s also safer for you and your family, especially in the winter during those cold, dark nights.

Along with the appearance of your garage door (something which Hörmann also prioritises), we at Huddersfield Garage Doors are well aware that security is absolutely crucial. Garages are often a target for thieves, so it makes sense to do everything possible to minimise the risk of your possessions being compromised.

Below are just a few of the security features on offer with Hörmann’s automatic up and over garage doors:

Burglar-resistant latching

Hörmann’s adjustable latches effectively lock the manually operated door at each bottom corner. The door also automatically latches on closing, leaving it impossible to lever open.

Solid door construction

The wide galvanised block frame and horizontal dear leaf reinforcements provide Hörmann’s automatic up and over door with fantastic stability.

Lock with two-fold benefit

This door can be locked from the inside by the use of a security pin, meaning there are no issues in entering your house directly through the garage. Additionally the lock can be integrated into your properties master locking system.

As mentioned, listed above are just some of the security features. Hörmann’s automatic up and over doors are also protected from all weather types and tested and certified according to European Standards, along with having a multiple spring safety system.

If you are based in Huddersfield and would like any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team on 01484 829 612.

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