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Summer-ready garage door


As the summer months draw closer, not many people in Huddersfield may think to prepare their garage door for the warmer weather, but sometimes these conditions can affect your doors performance. In light of that, our Huddersfield Garage Door team is strongly recommending that you look to carry out a ‘summertime garage door tune-up’ to sort out any future issues with your door!

So what can you do to prepare your garage door for summer?

Inspect the hardware

You should be doing this regularly anyway, but even more so in the warmer months. Make sure that you check the hardware on your garage door for wear and tear. Things to look out for are loose hinges, misaligned tracks or missing bolts.

Keep everything lubricated

To keep your garage door running smoothly it is important that you lubricate the hardware - this will eliminate loud noises and will keep them working for longer. To do this we recommend you use a 3 in 1 type of oil which can be picked up in any DIY store. Grease should be avoided at all costs!

Keep it clean

Removing dirt and grease that has built up over the winter months will keep your garage door lasting longer. Make sure that there is no debris anywhere that could stop your garage door from operating property too.

Check the insulation

You may think that garage doors are only good for keeping heat in- but they are really good at keeping it out too. If your garage door is insulated your cold house will be protected from the warm weather outside.

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