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Garage door security tips


Garage doors are often seen as a week point for intruders when they try to break and enter in to homes, simply down to the fact that people don’t take best care of their garage doors. Not only are they seen as an easy target, but they are also seen as a shelter, a hiding place once they have broken in. People who walk by won’t be able to help either – an open garage door with a van next to it is something that isn’t out of the ordinary, and it certainly doesn’t scream ‘intruder’.

But there is no need to worry, the team here at Huddersfield Garage Doors are here to help, our specialists here have come up with ten garage door security tips to prevent break and enters:

  1. Always keep your garage door locked.
  2. Cover the windows in your garage door or frost them.
  3. Never leave it open unattended, it gives intruders the opportunity to get in.
  4. Invest in a keychain remote – you will always have it on your person.
  5. Don’t leave your remote in your vehicle in clear vision of a potential intruder.
  6. Make sure the security and durability of your garage door is as strong as your front door – it needs to be made from solid-core wood or reinforced steel.
  7. If your garage and house are connected, install a wide angled peephole in the door – allowing you to see what is going on in there without opening the door.
  8. Keep your garage door up to date and make sure the mechanical parts are maintained – if they aren’t, it could lead to the garage door breaking and therefore making it an easier job for an intruder.

If you require further advice, need our help in maintaining your garage door or want a whole new one, give one of the team a call here at Huddersfield Garage Doors on 01484 829 612.

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