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High-Quality Garage Side Doors in Huddersfield

If you make regular use of your garage, you may wish to enter without having to open the main door every time. With this in mind, we provide a number of side doors and garage side door solutions for the purpose. 

In the case of double-sized garages, we are able to supply garage side doors as an exact match for your main garage door, which can be fitted to either the side, back, or front of your garage depending on whether your garage is detached or joined on to your house. The garage side door will match the colour, surface coating, security features and insulation of the full garage door.

In the case of smaller garages, Hormann produce what they like to call a ‘wicket door’, which is a garage side door that forms part of the main garage door. Hormann are currently the only garage door manufacturer that produces a wicket door with a lip at the base as small as 10mm.

The purpose of the diminutive base lip is to make it easier to wheel things through the door, as well as reducing the risk of trips and falls.  Our wicket doors utilise a solid frame made from aluminium and offer our multi-point locking system for extra security.

All of our garage side doors can be manufactured to the exact specifications of your main garage door, and optional extras such as a choice of stylish door handles to add to that coveted mix of practicality and panache.

Features & Benefits

  • Three- point locking system
  • 200 colours available
  • Colour-matched frames
  • Side doors available in a choice of frame widths
  • Large range of handles (side doors)
  • Decograin (wood-grain effect) available