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Garage Door Trends for 2017


With 2017 now well under way, there are some clear patterns emerging in terms of garage door design. With more people choosing to give their garage a makeover both inside and out, here are some of the key trends so far:

Bright colours

Neutral colours are being replaced by bright shades this year. Bold is beautiful in terms of palette choice in 2017, with many homeowners deciding to refresh their garage doors with a new splash of paint. Choose colours to match other parts of your property or something contrasting for maximum impact.

Increased efficiency

This year garages are increasingly being used as multi-purpose spaces such as workshops, offices and hobby rooms. As a result, energy efficiency is high on the agenda. Doors with double or triple layer insulation are popular for keeping heat in as well as keeping energy bills down.

Glass panels

Windows are also making a big impression in 2017. The main advantage of having windows is the increased amount of natural light that they let in. This creates a bright and airy atmosphere and is perfect for when the space is being used for arts and crafts or other work. More light can make the space look and feel bigger too.

Manageable materials

Lots of customers are opting for low maintenance materials as well. Fibre glass, aluminium and vinyl doors all require minimal attention compared to wooden doors that require more regular treatment. This means being able to spend more time on other things – such as using your garage as an extra work or leisure space!

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