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Garage Door Safety Month


Garage doors are responsible for a lot of injuries at home each year. Garage Doors are often always taken for granted. We put very little thought into our garage doors, in a sort of out of sight out of mind approach. Which is surprising considering garage doors are the largest moving part of our homes.

This should mean we should give them much more attention than we do. Being the largest and heaviest feature of our house, garage doors do have the potential to be dangerous. It is important that as homeowners we are aware of the risks garage doors possess in order to be vigilant with home-safety, especially if you have young children.

Some of us use our garage door as the main point of entry into our home, others use it sporadically for storage, and some of us have a garage converted into another leisure room. However often we use our garage doors, we should all be equally informed about garage door safety tips.

As June is Garage Door Safety Month, Huddersfield Garage Doors explain some of the top tips to keep your family safe:

1. Always keep your or your child’s hand and fingers away from moving parts. If the door is in motion then just stay clear and be patient until it stops and is safe to approach. Some of the most common garage door injuries involve trapping fingers in the hinges of a garage door which can have devastating and extremely painful results.

2. The remote isn’t a toy so keep out of sight from children. Although with bright colours your garage door remote could be mistaken as a toy by young children. Unaware that they are in-fact in control of an extremely heavy door the remotes are certainly not for playing with

3. Under no circumstances should you play games with garage doors. This includes trying to rub under it as it shuts and racing under moving garage doors. Although electric garage doors are extremely slow this would be like playing with fire and waiting for an accident to happen. Be sure to always stand a few yards away from the garage door while it is in motion.

4. To reduce the risk of a malfunction, homeowners should perform regular checks on the garage door. Simple chores like lubricating the hinges or rollers can go a long way in the long-run. Having a well maintained and newly repaired garage door will drastically reduce the risk of something going wrong and potentially causing an injury.

There are several simple measures homeowners can take to increase the safety of their home and garage doors are just a start. A good start is choosing a reputable company to manufacture, install, and even repair your garage door.

Huddersfield Garage Doors have built a trustworthy reputation after years of excellent customer service in the Yorkshire Area. Our team of engineers have over 100 years combined experience and are all fully trained and qualified in the latest health and safety regulations.

For more information on how Huddersfield Garage Doors can help with garage door safety at your home call us now on 01484 829 612.

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