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Confused about what door?


At Huddersfield Garage Doors, our specialists have been providing the people of Huddersfield and the surrounding West Yorkshire areas with high quality and long lasting garage doors for over 20 years.

Because of our experience, we therefore know how difficult some Yorkshire residents find picking the best garage door for them and their homes. To help on this issue, our team of experts have prepared this article to hopefully advise and inform Huddersfield and Yorkshire residents.

What types of garage doors are available?

In total, there are five generic designs of garage door that most manufacturers provide. To help you understand further, our specialists have explained in detail their differences and qualities:

  1. Retractable – A clearance is needed outside for a retractable garage door, which opens in an up and cover manner. They are easy to automate, are secure and come in steel and timber. They aren’t draft proof however, and generally need a frame of at least 75mm x 75mm and a 1m clearance in front of the garage.
  2. Canopy – Unlike retractable garage doors, canopy doors aren’t as easy to operate, aren’t draft proof and don’t have as high security. Again, they come in both steel and timber and need a clearance. This rime, it’s generally about 0.8m in front of the garage.
  3. Sectional – Very easy to operate, sectional garage doors are a popular choice in Yorkshire, mainly down to the fact that they also have really good security measures. They come in steel or timber, and have good insulated doors. No frame is needed and no clearance is required, making it a good option for Yorkshire homeowners.
  4. Roller – Roller garage doors are very easy to operate, and again have very good security and insulation. They come generally in steel or aluminium, and come in a range of colours. No frame is needed and no clearance is required on the drive.
  5. Side Hinge – Generally easy to operate if they have converter bars, side hinge doors are secure depending on how many bolts are fitted. They generally come in timber and aren’t draft proof. Due to them opening outwards, they need a lot of clearance on the drive in front.

If you need further information on garage doors and what is right for you, please feel free to call our Huddersfield team on 01484 829 612 for free advice. 

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