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Common door problems


Many homeowners will use their garage door daily and depend on the door to function smoothly and keep their belongings safe. However with constant use a garage door will inevitably develop issues over time, any of these problems can be easily repaired by an experienced garage door engineer such as the ones Huddersfield Garage Doors employ. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service we provide and the standard of workmanship our engineers put into every garage door they install. Huddersfield Garage Doors are one of Yorkshire’s main suppliers of Hormann products so we are able to guarantee the highest quality of garage doors we install. 

Track is out of Alignment

A garage door that is out of alignment can lead to more serious issues with the mechanics of the garage door.  For the garage door to be able to open and close smoothly, the metal track the door runs along needs to be aligned properly. Common issues arise when gaps between the roller and rail develop, or larger problems can be caused by the rails bending and restricting the movement of the rollers. With over twenty five years’ experience in the garage door industry, our engineers undergo comprehensive training enabling them to be able to repair a garage door where possible. 

Garage Door Sticks Open or Closed

These are a number of contributing factors that can cause a garage door to stick when opening or closing. If the door is remote control operated it is most likely to be caused by old batteries or dust on the sensor. However, if a manual garage door begins to stick, there may be an obstruction in the wheel or the lubrication of the tracks may be affected by hot weather. If your garage door is relatively new and begins to stick, this is a warning sign that the door has not been hung evenly. The engineers take a great deal of pride in the workman ship that goes into installing a garage door.

The Garage Door Closes Very Quickly, Often With a Bang

This issue can be the result of two factors, firstly could be a broken tension spring that is needed to counter the weight of the door, secondly may be a broken cable that s connects the tension spring fitted on some designs of garage doors. If either have accrued it is essential a profession is contacted to repair the door as neither can be fixed without training and if left unattended the issues can worsen and become a more expensive problem. 

As a family run business, Huddersfield Garage Doors understand that repairing a garage door may the only financial option at the time, however, our full qualified engineers will present to you all your available options in terms of repair and upgrade.

If you are located in Huddersfield of the surrounding Yorkshire area and would like to know more about the automatic or manual garage doors services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly office team on 01484 829 612.

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