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Cleaning and maintenance


Cleaning and maintaining your garage door is a task for many Huddersfield homeowners can often overlook. It’s true, your garage door doesn’t need as much cleaning or maintaining as other areas of your home, but if you want to get the most out of your garage door (which can be a large investment) then you need to make sure you are carrying out the appropriate steps.

So how should you clean your garage door?

  • Timber and wooden garage doors need to be given a little TLC. Only wash these with a cloth and then hose them down. Do not use any abrasive cloth or jet washer to do this as you may damage the panels.
  • Metal and steel garage doors can collect a lot of dirt if not cleaned regularly. To clean these kinds of garage doors, use a mild detergent, but never mix it with water of bleach- although you may need to use a small amount of bleach on tougher spots. Rinse this off with a hose, but never a jet wash.

Once you have cleaned your garage door, you’ll need to look at how you can maintain and repair anything. All garage doors will need to be inspected, regardless of what material the garage door is or how it is operated. Automatic garage doors tend to need a little more TLC, as their roller tracks may become blocked with debris which could in turn stop your garage door from operating as smoothly and could in the long run cause it to break.  It’s also important that you regularly lubricate the mechanical parts of all garage doors, to stop rust and maintain the function of your garage door for years to come.

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