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Cleaning Your Garage Door


All garage doors of different materials need to be cared for. White garage doors especially tend to get very mucky and can be a bad look for your home. This can also be a problem when it comes to maintaining your garage door, it can be hard to inspect if it is covered in dirt.

The best way to describe cleaning your garage door would be to do it as if it was your car. Both use similar materials but unfortunately for you, you can’t pay someone to clean your garage door. You have to do that chore yourself. You’ll need a bucket, a hose, soap and a rag or scrub brush. Gently scrub down your door with warm soapy water and rinse with a hose. If you have a metal door you can add a layer of wax after it dries to make it look extra fresh.

If your garage door is painted, look out for flaking and warping paint. This is an indication that your garage needs a repaint in order to keep the door from corroding and looking a bit of a mess.

If there are still some marks on your garage door that could possibly be a little more stubborn than dirt such as oil stains, you can replace the soap with diluted bleach. Be sure to not mix bleach with any other cleaning chemicals as this could produce harmful fumes.

Repeat the cleaning process on the inside of your garage door, dirt and grime that could build up on the inside of your door can get into the tracks and can also flake off onto anything that you may have valuable in there such as a car.

If you follow these simple steps your garage door will be sure to live a long and healthy life and you should not need a repair anytime soon. Alternatively, give us a call on 01484 829 612.

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