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Picking the right garage door for your home in Huddersfield has become a necessity. Over the years, the garage door has become more prominent, so much so that for new houses the doors themselves are often a high quality feature of the home.

According to leading home stylists and designers, it is important the garage looks beautiful and no longer is it just part of the background of the home. Thus, it is vitally important that any new garage door matches the style of your Huddersfield home (both modern and traditional).

Deciding on the material is very important. Currently you could have aluminium, timber, steel or fibreglass/PVC so there is a lot of choice, and with many offering similar benefits, it often comes down to personal preference and cost.

Aluminium is available in many colours, it requires little maintenance, and is rustproof. Steel has large amounts of style, is sturdier than aluminium but can rust. Wood is a traditionalist choice however requires lots of maintenance and Fibreglass PVC is a great choice but can crack if hit hard. All have great benefits so of you are unsure it is worth visiting a showroom to help you decide.

As aforementioned, it is important, more so than ever, that your garage door matches the style of your home. If you have a modern, futuristic and gadget based home, an old traditional wooden (without automatic operation) would look a bit out of place. In the same way an old style home with a mega bright white door might look a bit odd and out of style. Thankfully, leading garage door manufacturers are able to provide almost all doors in a range of both modern and traditional styles including Georgian and Edwardian.

Equally as important is the colour you pick for your door. With over 200 colours to choose form, you could have almost any arrangement you like. However, again you need to think of the style. By tradition, matching the colour to that of other doors and your window frames is more commonly recommended. However if you do wish to step away from the norm, you could match it to any colour sample you like.

If you are considering changing the garage door on your Huddersfield home and would like to use a leading locally based garage door company, please look no further than Huddersfield Garage Doors. For more information contact us on 01484 829 612. 

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