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Cat Saved from Door


The National News have been reporting of a cat saved by a Sheriff in America after the cat, Bella, was asleep on the garage door and got trapped when the owner closed it.

According to the reports, the homeowner left and closed the door without realising Bella was there and the cat then became trapped. You can see a picture of the Cat by visiting The house owner had been out to get supplies after his home had been flooded and left with a rush not even realising that the cat was on the door.  

The same reports suggest that multiple neighbours and even some local builders were trying to help the poor cat get free. With a joint effort, they were able to remove some of the upper framework from the garage and then were able to release the cat alive, with only minor bruising caused during the ordeal.

Huddersfield Garage Doors would like to remind people to just be careful when closing their garage doors and to watch out for pets that may be caught on the door. This cat was very lucky.

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