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Automatic garage doors


Being able to open your garage door easily is something generations of homeowners have wanted to do. Whether this has been by automatic means or manual, the ease of opening is very important.

Old garage doors, which are beginning to be replaced all over the Huddersfield area, used to have very large remote control clickers, but over time, companies like Hörmann have produced streamlined and ergonomic remote control device which actually look superb.

These remote controls now mean that opening a garage door is little if any effort at all. The simple press of one button activated the operating system and the door opens. With some devices you can open the door from over 10m away and from within a car so you don’t even have to get out in the cold to open the door. (Be aware as some ranges are very large and you could accidently open a door form further away).

These days though, people are looking at ways to not only remove this device, but put it on a device we use all the time – the mobile phone. Apps have bene created to ensure that you can open and close your garage door by just touching a combination on your phone (a passcode is required for security). Most people always take their phone out and about so carrying something else will never be a problem.

Using similar technology to Bluetooth activation and much more, this system could revolutionise the garage door market and mean something else will be controlled by the phone.

For more information on how Huddersfield Garage Doors can provide you with information on electronic/automatic opening systems or how you can upgrade your garage to door to include these features, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today by calling 01484 829 612.

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