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Manual or automatic doors?


Many modern garage doors are now automatic and that is because they offer a lot more benefits to homeowners and commercial properties than manual garage doors. Automatic garage doors are our biggest selling products, but it isn’t to say that they aren’t without their disadvantages, which is why some Huddersfield property owners still opt for manual garage doors.

So what are the main differences between manual and automatic garage doors?

  1. Operation: It has to be said that automatic garage doors are much easier to operate than manual garage doors, particularly for those who may need assistance in lifting heavy objects. Manual garage doors require you to physically get out of the car and in turn open the door, vs. an automatic garage door that can be opened from your car through the control of a button.
  2. Cost: Manual garage doors are much cheaper than automatic garage doors, therefore a lot of Huddersfield property owners opt for these to fit their budget.
  3. Installation: Due to the technicalities, automatic garage doors take a lot longer to install than manual garage doors, however both need to be carried out by a professional like the Huddersfield Garage Doors team.
  4. Maintenance: Although all garage doors need to be regularly maintained and cleaned, automatic garage doors do require slightly more TLC. That’s because property owners will need to make sure that the tracks are clear from debris to ensure that their garage doors are long lasting and operating smoothly.

Although automatic garage doors are much popular amongst Huddersfield property owners, it has to be said that manual garage doors are still holding their own. It all depends on the person buying the garage door, their budget and requirements, there it is always best to speak to a member of staff before purchasing. For more information on any of our garage doors, call the Huddersfield Garage Doors team today on 01484 829 612.

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