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Advantages of sectional doors


Sectional garage doors are one the most popular choices for homeowners in the Huddersfield region. That’s because sectional garage doors have a number of advantages that are attractive to owners of properties of all sizes.

So what are the advantages of sectional garage doors and how could they benefit your home?

1) Wider Passage- sectional garage doors offer a wider passage than most other garage door options, making it easier to drive in and out. At Huddersfield Garage Doors, we stock the finest Hormann sectional doors which actually offer a up to 140mm of additional driving space- which might not seem like a lot- but when you compare with with that of old up and over garage doors, you’ll really notice a difference. This makes these garage doors more suited to people with larger vehicles such as 4x4s, vans or even off road vehicles.

2) They allow you to save space-  because sectional garage doors open vertically and then suspend under the ceiling of the garage they allow a lot more additional space. This means that homeowners have more space externally when the garage door is open, as it means that the driveway isn't blocked by an open door.

3) Weather resistant- sectional garage doors are suited to all weather conditions due to being sealed at all four sides- protecting it from wind, rain and snow.

4) Variable fitting- Hormann sectional garage doors are one of the best suited shaped doors on the market. The shape of a garage door isn't typically important, but Hormann sectional garage doors are designed to ensure that they perfectly fit every garage door as it doesn't have to travel through the garage aperture at any point.

At Huddersfield Garage Doors, we stock the best Hormann sectional garage doors- which are known as being the best on the market. Catering to all budgets, home sizes and requirements, we can guarantee all Huddersfield homeowners that look to this as an investment will not be disappointed.

For more information on our Huddersfield sectional garage doors, please contact our experienced team on 01484 829 612.

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